Laboratory requisitions

Requisitions listed here a those typically used on an out-patient basis. For best patient care, it is imperative that only current laboratory-controlled requisitions are used in compliance with the Laboratory Requisitions Policy (PDF).

For specialized test orders and requisitions, practitioners should refer to the Provincial Laboratory Formulary or contact the appropriate laboratory division.

The Provincial Outpatient Outpatient Specimen Collection Requisition Apr 23 (PDF) must be used for most routine outpatient requests. Microbiology test requests should be submitted on the Public Health and Microbiology Specimen Collection Requisition (PDF).

Pediatrician Requests for Microarray and Fragile X/XE Genetics Tests

Ordering restrictions have been lifted to allow pediatricians only to request Fragile X A.FMR1 and Fragile X E. FMR2 when investigating children with global developmental delay and intellectual disability.

The proper requisitions must be fully completed and submitted to the Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services Genetics Laboratory. Test requests and specimens will be accepted only from pediatricians. Specimen collection instructions on the requisitions must be strictly adhered to.


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Last updated: 2024-06-11